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Royal Attributes

Growth Rate
Empress Splendor ™ Trees grow up to 20 feet in the first full year.

One Year Old
Empress Splendor ™ Trees can grow up to five to ten feet a year for successive years, with the diameter of tree rings growing at more than an inch per year. Empress Splendor™ can grow to hardwood saw timber in 7-10 years, more than 3-4 times faster than any other comparable tree.

Stage one image of an Empress Splendor tree

Stage 1: Empress Splendor™ tree "re-growing" faster after being cut down.

Stage two image of an Empress Splendor tree

Stage 2: Re-growth cycle.

Stage three image of an Empress Splendor tree

Stage 3: Re-growth cycle.

Stage four image of an Empress Splendor tree

Stage 4: Re-growth cycle.

An image of an Empress Splendor tree demonstrating how they are Fire Retardant.

Empress Splendor™ trees are Fire Retardant.

An image of a desk made out of the Empress Splendor wood.

A desk made out of the Empress Splendor™ wood.

Empress Splendor ™ trees are able to be cut down at the stump (coppiced), regenerate and will re-sprout and regenerate growing faster each time due to the established root structure. Empress Splendor ™ Trees can regenerate from 5 to 7 times providing unmatched long term yield potential.

Time to Yield
With its unmatched growth rate, Empress Splendor ™ Trees can provide the fastest time to yield compared to any other species. In its first full year, it can provide 20 foot tall poles for spindle applications, pulp and paper, wood chips, and more. During its 7 to 10 year growth cycle, it provides additional pulp and chips from cuttings, as well as provides cuttings for additional tissue cultures which if also cloned and grown can exponentially increase the overall yield from planting new clones trees from the same mother tree.

Quantity of Yield
The Empress Splendor ™ growth rate has an expected average yield of 30,000 board feet of saw timber per acre every 7-10 years. The Empress also provides valuable spindle poles, cuttings, and cultures exponentially increasing harvests during its growth cycles. At $3.00 per board foot, 30,000 board feet would equal $90,000 of cash value every 7-10 years per acre.

Wood Quality
Empress Splendor™ provide high quality silky hard wood rivaling the best on the market. Target applications for Empress wood include a wide range of uses like furniture and veneer, musical instruments and more. Empress wood has been known to fetch upwards of $60 per board foot in some markets.

Air Drying
Empress Splendor™ have a low shrinkage coefficient and can be dried in the open air in a few weeks time. Many other woods require kiln drying and are prone to shrinkage and warpage during the drying process.

Fire Retardant
Growing Empress Splendor™ have a high moisture content and the wood is naturally resistant to fire. Once it is dried and because of its quality, it can be used for conversion into high quality gunpowder.

Carbon Removal
The large square footage of leaf area and fast growth rates of the Empress allows them to consume large amounts of Carbon from the air, providing one of the most effective carbon sinks compared to other trees.

The large square footage of leaf area and fast growth rates of the Empress allows them to emit large amounts of oxygen into the air, providing one of the most effective means to re-oxygenate the atmosphere.

Fodder and Fertilizer
The large deciduous leaves of the Empress are high in protein (21%) and nutrients, provide a quality fodder for feeding animals and livestock, and are a natural ground fertilizer when the leaves fall and are mulched into the ground.

Insect Repellant
The Empress' high moisture content and hardwood makes it a natural insect repellent.

Lowers Water Table and Decreases Soil Salinity
The strong multiple tap root structure and high growth of the Empress acts to suck water from the ground effectively lowering the water table. This has the effect of increasing the quality and fertility of the soil while reducing salinity.

Honey Production
The large blossoms and flowers of the Empress have been used for Royal Bee Honey production in the Orient.

Aesthetic improvement
Empress Splendor™ are well known for their fast growth, large green leaves, and beautiful blossoms and flowers. They have been used for beautification in many areas and are well suited to aesthetic improvement projects.

Bio Remediation
Empress Splendor™ plant life cycling and growth capabilites consume and convert poor and polluted air and ground into regenerated and rejuvenated property at high rates. The tree consumes and transforms at 3-4 times the normal rate of other trees.

If it is planned to companion plant or "intercrop", the equipment to be used for farming the "intercrop" will dictate the tree spacing.

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