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Empress Splendor™ Tree is an ornamental tree best suited for aesthetics and beautification.

An image of two beautiful sister ornamental trees.

Two beautiful sister ornamental trees.

An image of a healthy Empress Splendor Blossom.

A healthy Empress Splendor™ Blossom.

An image of a three year old plantation in the spring.

Three year old plantation in the spring.

An image of various products made from Empress Wood.

Various products made from Empress Splendor™ wood.
The Empress Splendor™ Tree grows to a height of 30 to 40 feet (if left un-pruned for aesthetic purposes). It instantly increases the value and appeal of the area with it’s soothing deep lavender and purple flowers and brings beauty and restorative healing powers to it’s surroundings. Empress Splendor™ Tree flowers provide complete distraction to poor looking land areas and building features.

Its broad leaf and blossom clusters soak up bad odors and negative energy and immediately help restore the visual, olfactory, and psychic feel and appeal of the area around it.

The Empress Splendor™ Tree stimulates and promotes restoration and remediation and helps to bring back that new and fresh feeling of harmony and tranquility in an area. The Empress Splendor™ trees are best planted where beautification, land healing, bioremediation, defensive and other restorative energies are needed.

The legend of the Empress Splendor™ Tree is that it is the real tree version of the 'Jack in the Bean-Stalk' famous story and brings good fortune and luck, and specifically money, to those that grow it.

The Empress Splendor™ Tree provides fastest near term sun and wind protection and land buffer. Empress Splendor™ trees are best planted where size, height and rate of growth counts. Some bees are also known to make Royal Bee Honey for the Queen bee of the colony from the Empress Splendor™ Tree blossoms.

The Empress Splendor™ Tree is well suited for commercial and/or reforestation projects.

The Empress Splendor™ Tree is well suited for commercial forestry applications as well as renewable resource applications everywhere. It is one of the tallest growing trees and is best suited for wood quality and value when pruned properly for maximum timber output.

It is known to grow to over 70 to 80 feet in height very quickly (if grown for plantation purposes), and produces some of the finest lumber and wood available anywhere in the world in the quickest timeframes. The Empress Splendor™ Tree is unparalleled on planet Earth in rate, height, and speed of growth. Its powerful ultra-long grain and impressive rocket growth put maximum tree firepower in backyards, buildings, and renewable resource applications everywhere.

Planting an Empress Splendor™ Tree in a good root location is required, as the tree shoots straight up and gets tall very fast, so a location that will be well managed and fertilized helps speed growth and maximize quality of wood. The repeat time to harvest is the lowest at every 7-10 years and the tree can grow to 50+ feet within a decade. The Empress Splendor™ Tree leaves grow to over 2-3' feet across and provide high levels of carbon sink and air oxygenation, ground mulch and animal fodder results.

The wood quality versus time to yield is also maximized with the Empress Splendor™ Tree and should be used for projects for furniture and molding commercial applications.

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